S Club 7 — You. Текст и слова песни


You..Are all i need to get me through
Like a falling star, i fell for you

Sweet anticipation
Its givin me the butterflies
And my heartbeat′s racing
Coz lovin′ you is beautiful
And you′r so irresistible

Don′t stop..What ya doing baby
So good..that it drives me crazy
One touch..Im in heaven,yeh
Coz lovin you′s so,beautiful baby cos…

You..are all i need too get me through
Like a falling star,I fell for you
You,have taught me how to love
An ahgel sent from high above
And now i know that all i need is you
Cause i need you and you need me and we′ll always stay together

I thought i knew what love was
I always ended up in tears
It′s just the way my world was
Until you walked into my life
It′s something that i just cant hide

Real love…has come my was
And i know…That it′s here to stay
And it feels…like never before
Coz lovin you′s so beautiful baby coz…


You′re my inspiration
My world just seems a brighter place
I just wanna tell you
I′ve never ever felt this was
I never thought i′d see the day..


Chorus x2(to fade)

@ S Club 7