Justin Nozuka — Woman Put Your Weapon Down. Текст и слова песни

Woman Put Your Weapon Down

My baby is a rebel
She′s a rebel I was wrong
In between her hungry trigger and her pounding on my wall
I′m reaching up towards the heavens
I′m holding on to hell
You see facing her in heaven would be far worse than the devil himself
I know I′m foolish, I know I broke your heart
I also know we can work through this
I′ll take you to the stars
We′re falling down like rain
I′ll hold you at the bay
We′re rising up again
We′re at the start again
And how come, how come, how come

Woman put your weapon down

Well baby your an angel
I I vow that your the one
I swear that I′m unable to love another one
I′m reaching out for your hand
Baby I′m alone and I′m sinking in your quicksand
Take me back to memory lane
Remember highschool, remember our first date
You and me in my room, you said you felt the same
Making love in spring time
Making love in my mind
Baby youre the reason I′m baby youre the reason

@ Justin Nozuka