Justin Nozuka — Criminal. Текст и слова песни


[Verse 1]
I threw a bottle in the air and it smashed into a thousand pieces on the concrete street,
where the children play in bare feet
We ran as fast as we could, cause I might have woke the neighborhood
Oh I don′t feel too good, no I don′t feel too good at all
Cause when the sun comes up and the children wake, get on the street to play,
I′ll be the one to blame

I′m a criminal, I′m a criminal [x2]

[Verse 2]
It didn′t last too long, no I passed out, woke up and the guilt was gone
Without a care I walk down the stairs, into the kitchen eat my breakfast there
Turn on the television screen,
Emergency News Team
Little girl crying on the street saying «glass made my feet bleed»
Oh tell me what am I gonna do
I′m for sure done
What am I gonna do,
I have no choice but to run


Change my name and move to Mexico
Dye my hair red and get surgery on my nose
Buy a small condo, stay low in Mexico
Don′t it sound so sweet, get a wife and raise a family
Start my own limousine company
Stay low in Mexico
It never snows in Mexico


@ Justin Nozuka