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Skunk Song

I′m living in a funny neighbourhood
The blackies and the whities try to get along
But here comes
Johnny with divide and rule
He′s always fucking up

But what do we do we go and vote them in
We give
them power to destroy our lives for good
We never give ourselves to chance to be
Always looking
Skunk Anansie

Skunk, skunk, skunk, skunk
Skunk, skunk, skunk, skunk
Skunk Anansie

And the
police we give them so much power
We′re givin′ ′em guns, we′re givin′ ′em lives to blow away
they protect us with their winning smiles
It′s time to fuck them up

And how-do-we-do-that, how do
we keep control
The first thing we must do is vote them out for good
Kick all the corrupt insatiable
fuckers out
It′s time for cooking up
Skunk Anansie

@ Skunk Anansie

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