Shayne Ward — Tell him. Текст и слова песни

Tell him

I woke up this morning you know
I had a shocker
See it finally hit me how much
I truly love ya
Stumbling out of bed
I grabbed my phone and called ya
But you were MIA so I decided
to stay right here
Picked up a pen before I knew I had it
Hand written letter to you
with some Vivaldi magic
See every love before this
I had was truly tragic
That′s why i′m happy to say

Hey I think it′s time you
be telling your boyfriend
Exactly what you and I′ve been doing
Tell him
The End
Don′t know how much more more I can take
Hey nows the time to be telling
your boyfriend
About all of the time we′r spending
Tell him
The end
Baby hey hey hey hey

Now running catching a cab ′cause I just have
to see ya
I tell the driver to drive like
it′s gon′ break his meter
(I tell him don′t stop)

Before I go an furture I gotta tell ya
I ain′t never acted quite like this
You done a number on me

I swear you′re everything I ever wanted
I′ve got so much love to give
you don′t understand
Now i′m right outside your door
Rode up forty floors gotta hold you touch you


It′s what you do
You′re killing me
I can feel there′s something differenrt
How youi make me feel no accident
Felt you girl
so please
this should come as no surprise


Something you should know
Cause its killing me
Girl are you listening
Go on and tell him
′Cause I can′t wait no more

@ Shayne Ward