Necrophobic — Isaz

Music: RamstedtLyrics: Halfdan, Sidegеrd

Angerboda spake:
Iceold, wisecold
Like your hearts was the realm before time
Tha var hann medh hrimthursum
The one who betrayed, the one that we hate
He tried to weaken our lands
with his pain aglow
But hear me brethren:
I see us rising, freezing

The wolf will swallow the sun
And the daughter in her womb
The moon will be retorn from the skies
Stars will fall
Earth will rive and Upheaven
Time of axes, time of shields
The storm of our hate
will stiffen it all

Those of ice spake:
Thurisaz we are
From the edge of the nine worlds we reign
A distant memory of our balanced domain
That shall be risen, rebuilt again

Lead: M.H.

Angerboda spake:
With his flaming sword he will ride from the past
Burning the worlds of men and gods
A darkening arson, leaving but cold
The dragon he flies, biting that eye

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