Necrophobic — Eye Of The Storm

Music: Sidegеrd, RamstedtLyrics: Sidegеrd

I am the warrior
I am bred of sin
I am the wolf within

I am the blizzard son
My enemies I tear
I am their utter fear

I am the berserker
In the forest I grew
Changed my conscious into two

I float between the worlds
I gain might through my pains
In the north I am the ice
In the south I am but flames
Harmageddon, Ragnarцk
I’m the eye of the storm
Until nothing remains

Show me the sacred powers of Thurs
Show me the path to my cosmic rebirth
Give me a vision, give me a sign
There in the flames my kingdom I’ll find

Lead: M.H./S.R.

I search for the balance of fire and ice
From Nifel to Muspell with longing in eyes
I search for the wisdom the one-eyed once gained
Metamorphosis obtained

I am the raging wolf
Psychedelic ecstasy
I change and leave my sanity

I am the elgr warrior
Mystиre Lycanthropique
I set the primal in me free

I float between the worlds

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