Текст песни Underoath — And I Dreamt Of You

I see they love in the distance. [x4]

Gasping for air, for in thy dreams where you were,
Awakening to the blackness in my room.

As my eyes begin to blur, reality sets and starts the fear.
For do dreams come true, or do I die alone?
Waiting, like the petals of a wilting flower fall off
Until there is none and the once beautiful flowers dies naked
With no one to clothe it.
Will I hold you in the grave, or will the grave hold me?

The numbing dreams never end,
The swallows wings still amongst the idle wind.
My colored wold turns to grayscale,
Recollecting the memories;
Eyes covered hazel, eyes covered hazel.

Contradiction of my thoughts; standing calm, love not lost

Searching ’til I find my princess, whose passionate eyes cut right through me

For what is life if love only exists in thy thoughts?
What is romance if it is all fiction?
Nothing but a portrait left empty, a passing cloud of hurt
But to meet my love in the flesh is to find my whole heart, my whole heart.

Your heart breaks though me, your love is the key
Longing for my heart’s door
To what day? ‘Til I see sunrays shine upon your face
I dream of you the way you look,
The beating of the love in your heart
Your wolds are like the flowing of a spring, knowing thy love
Waits for me, until eternity’s end

Is this poetry or is this love’s sickness
Engulfing my every being?

Take the heart from you, and the blood ceases from me
I see what you hear
Breathing, take the closest thing to me and my savior
Falling in love to a person I have never met;
But knowing she has salvation’s fragrance

By God’s grace this love will be free,
And able to fly away above the earth,
To a point, point of exhaustion,
But your breath will keep me alive-

Words are pointless, for this love is speechless [x2]
Preparing for the curtain’s closure
Laying there, clutching hands so tight; I can feel your heart
Telling me it will be alright
Ascension to heaven where this love can not only walk,
But it runs through the endless fields of joy,
Where love neither ends nor begins but flows everlasting
This was thy dream this daybreak and will by thy prayer
That T will rest sleepless ’til the sun rises on that day
And butterflies sing with us, as we write love symphonies
The pages of life fill the story of our love in a time long ago
Where fairy tales come true
And you and I, my love, will live happily ever after. [x3]
I love you

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