Текст песни Miley Cyrus - Best Of Both Worlds
You go to movie premiers (is that Orlando Bloom?) Hear your songs on the radio Livin' two lives is a little weird But school's cool cause nobody

Текст песни Miley Cyrus - All I want for Christmas is you
I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is you you, you, you, you, yeah you

Текст песни Iron Maiden - Empire of the Clouds
She's the biggest vessel built by man, a giant of the skies For all you unbelievers, the titanic fits inside Drum rolled tight, a canvas skin,

Текст песни Shaggy - In The Summertime
While some of them a shine up some a wax up not a sign off smear Gotta be rolling in my chrisas that the girls them stare This is Shaggy and Rayvon

Текст песни Shaggy - Angel
Life is one big party when you're still young But who's gonna have your back when it's all done It's all good when you're little, you have pure fun

Текст песни Shaggy - Boombastic
I'm a lyrical lover no take me fi no filth With my sexual physique Jah know me well build Oh me oh my well well can't you tell I'm just like a turtle

Текст песни Justin Bieber - With you
When..you talk to me I swear..the whole world stops You're..my sweetheart And im so glad that you are mine You are one of a kind and..

Текст песни Justin Bieber - Latin Girl
Hey miss beautiful I've never seen you before And I would like to be the one To show you I am cool and all

Текст песни Justin Bieber - Perfect Together
That we are still here, yeah. ‘cause we’re changing. Re-arraging. But I still see you clear. How can I love you more than me? Tell me the way

Текст песни Dr. Dre - For The Love Of Money (feat. Jill Scott, Jon Connor & Anderson .Paak)
Say what's up to the broke nigga at the rich party Who the fuck let this nigga in? Do I look like I give a fuck? Sorry Looking at these hoes and they

Текст песни Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Oh for sho', check me out It's still Dre Day nigga, A.K. nigga Though I've grown a lot, can't keep it home a lot Cause when I frequent the spots

Текст песни Dr. Dre - Kush (ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon)
Roll up, wait a minute Let me put some kush up in it [Dr Dre] Now this that puff puff pass sh-t that chi chi chong glass sh-t blunts to the head,

Текст песни Dr. Dre - Talking To My Diary
But I made a vow, never let this shit get to me I let it pass, so I consider that part of my history And I'm strong; financially, physically Mentally

Текст песни Luke Bryan - Crash My Party
This is a drop everything kinda thing. Swing on by, I'll pour you a drink. The doors unlocked, I'll leave on the lights, Baby you can crash my

Текст песни Luke Bryan - Stuck On You
I know I ain't perfect but least I've learned I'd do anything for you you might believe that your over me but I'm still stuck on you

Текст песни Bullet For My Valentine - The Last Fight
Caused worst hallucinations I want to speed to stop the hell I'm going through The addiction's taking you

Текст песни Bullet For My Valentine - Raising Hell
Are you hearing this? You want to test me? I know, I'll destroy you! Save your breath, nothing's left Here I come at you!

Текст песни Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes
Looking like a model Magazine figure She was shaped like a bottle Long straight hair She was fly as a bird First time ever I was lost for

Текст песни Cody Simpson - Livin' Easy
That real good feeling, the kind that makes you wanna sing I don't mind being on my own, but I would love it if you came along So we can live it

Текст песни Bea Miller - Young Blood
Bottle up the feeling in a jar Pass around to all our friends We could breathe it in all again Huddled in the backseat of the car

Текст песни Bea Miller - We're Taking Over
We're taking over We're taking over We get it right and we get it wrong But we got used to staying strong We're taking over

Ми ідем, на дев'ятий день в нас закінчуються слова. Кожен раз - той самий міраж, тільки тінь кожен раз нова Все зэявляється поміж нас i стискає на шиї пальці час...
Долі веками ломала вона Кров`ю людей омила поля Тайну залишила моя земля Кров`ю людей омила поля Тайну залишила моя земля
Все буде джаз Все буде джаз А далі буду далі буду З тобою я з тобою я З тобою бо зупинятися вже пізно Знаєш ти я не залізний І коло вікна
Я називаю тебе Весною весною весною Кожну хвилину життя З тобою з тобою з тобою Я називаю тебе Весною бо ти і є саме життя
Веселі, брате, часи настали На грудях світить нам слави знак! Нам очі ніжно закрили, губи медом змастили, Душу кинули просто так…
When I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall; And did it my way.