Текст песни Faber Drive - The Payoff
And how we used to practice in the basement When I was singing like Billie Joe (Don't wanna be an American Idiot) Summer time came with the concert

Текст песни Faber Drive - Solitary
Feels like I've been hanging by a rope Don't know how much longer I can cope Promised that I'd never lose that hope But I'm driven by the rebel in me

Текст песни Faber Drive - Never Coming Down
But we got all night to get there We won't turn around We're never coming down So let's crank the radio up Can't seem to get enough We're lost inside

Текст песни Faber Drive - It Ends
Can't sleep through the night All the words I heard you say (Memories of Saturday) Fade over the yard, Lay under the stars, Stuck down in this place,

Текст песни Faber Drive - Give Him Up
She doesn't see that she should be with me She's gotta give him, g-g-give him up, She's gotta give him, g-g-give him up, She's gotta give him,

Текст песни Faber Drive - Forever
Can't keep you off my mind A broken piece of me I left behind When you were mine (I was fallin', fallin' I was fallin') Our last embrace Those

Текст песни C. C. CATCH - Heartbeat City
Do you know the way to heartbeat city, yeah Everybody's talking he's so pretty, yeah And tonight is the night all my dreams come alive Give me more,

Текст песни C. C. CATCH - Dancing In Shadows
Baby, gonna stop your heart Like a burning fire Yeah, yeah, yeah It will lift you higher Baby, gonna stop it Never gonna stop it Baby, gonna save

Текст песни C. C. CATCH - Cause You Are Young
You're a winner with bad souvernirs. You're a hero you're a man you're a winner take my hand.

Текст песни C. C. CATCH - Backseat Of Your Cadillac
I know you are my friend feel it stronger every day. Do you wanna - sentimental lady - do you wanna - be my baby? Do you wanna break my heart over

Текст песни C. C. CATCH - Are You Man Enough
To take my heart away my love? Don't look back here I am just for you. Are you man enough oh baby

Текст песни K'naan - Bang Bang
Slowly but surely, she was walking toward me Cut the convo short ‘cause she had to wake up early, But continuing the story, Don’t worry she gave me

Текст песни K'naan - Wavin flag (The celebration Mix)
Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun Lets rejoice in the beautiful game, And together at the end of the day. We all say

Текст песни K'naan - Is Anybody Out There? (feat. Nelly Furtado)
Never won a pageant Never felt pretty Never looked like cameron Diaz was her last name Always been abandoned Keep your head up

Текст песни Xzibit - BK To LA
Watchin paper thugs tryin to hide behind the industry From here to infinity, love thy enemy Niggaz got the knowledge but don't know the chemistry All

Текст песни Xzibit - Best of Things
Make a decision before we have a head-on collision makin me spend the rest of my life in prison See I can only play the cards I was given

Текст песни Xzibit - Been a Long Time
Listen - I lost more than I can ever gain back from this road to riches, makin my heart turn black So I'm cold to bitches, and I never call back Plus

Текст песни Xzibit - At The Speed Of Life
And get love and respect without no special effects Only the rugged ruff shit that the hard rock need Lyrics must contain more then just clothes

Текст песни Xzibit - Alkaholik
It's a tale of two cities, come out when the sun go down We officially not fuckin around Stuck in the ground, fitted with a suit in a pine box (hah!)

Текст песни Xzibit - 3 Card Molly
I make Mac make money, and mack murder wack rappers My Makaveli verse Bomb First, the Mac-11'll gat cha When I get at cha, the situation tenses

Текст песни Robbie Williams - Come Undone
I pray when I'm coming down, you'll be asleep Come undone If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be so sweet Because I'm scum, and I'm your son I come

Вспоминай меня в последней строчке, Роман не закончен темной точкой, Задавай себе вопрос: чего ты хочешь? Примерь меня, Примерь его, Я не вещь,сука, Любовь не казино, Помадой губы измазаны, Надоели рассказы мне, модели, показы, Лживые фразы дорогими стразами, Прятала лицо в
Первопрестольная, как раскалённый противень. Кто-то, как кролик задушен этим бетонным бетоном. Мы склоны всё усложнять, внушаешь просто ты. Но очевидно одно, ты - это просто ты.
У меня было чувство, что я тебя где-то видел, Да, это называется дежавю... сигнал от зрительного идет прямо в память... Нет, дело не в этом... Тогда может в другой жизни? А я вот тебя запомнила.
Пастыри владеют мыслями, но не верят искренни. В то, что в священных свитках, святыми было написано. Веру вытеснив, наполняет душу низменным. Путая любовь с близостью, кровь с известью.
Тут законы джунглей, голодная Африка Законы джунглей, голодная Африка Видишь, тут законы джунглей, голодная Африка Тут законы джунглей, голодная Африка
Мы едем в тур, вернее летим, чтобы почитать на родном языке родным. Встреча с нашими людьми. Этот год был непростым, но плодотворным, Как год до него, и еще один до, один до. Второй большой тур по США, Мы едем выступать, снимать видосы и конечно зажигать. Город за городом,