Текст песни P.O.D. - Revolution
I'm not the first or the last to imagine it Acknowledge the concepts, question and grasp it Rebel against the eye and bring down the cell. Mutiny, me

Текст песни P.O.D. - I And Identify
Reach for the sky, Don't let it get away I and identify - This is what love is. Reach for the sky, Don't let it get away I and identify - This is

Текст песни P.O.D. - Freedom Fighters
Today I heard what them people say Them say "The Man came in and he took our choice away" You portray selfishness and hate While some prepare to die

Текст песни P.O.D. - Find My Way
If I could change everything that I have done Only you know where I have gone I want to prove I am worthy to be called yours I need you more that I

Текст песни P.O.D. - Execute The Sounds
Because Jah know, I man stay true You know Jah know, the real who is who Ain't no time to fake it, make it feel brand new It goes 1, 2, 3, the crew

Текст песни P.O.D. - Asthma
I tried living my life through your eyes Smother me with your ways, to death, no breath. Your choking what little faith I have left. In time I find

Текст песни P.O.D. - On Fire
more than meets the eye is the truth unseen the king salutes the recruits of the new regime storm the highways and byways, bring down the walls and i

Текст песни P.O.D. - Lost In Forever Scream
Am I just hanging around all alone in my mindless haze? It takes me under. The infinite confined ready to blow you away I'm too blind to see beyond

Текст песни P.O.D. - Eyez (Feat Jasta of Hatebreed)
Millennium rains / Surrender to the guillotine Last breath / Second death / Sends us to a murder scene So when I'm gone / Don't you act surprised

Текст песни P.O.D. - Booyaka 619
Blowing up screens like Space Invaders. Too much damage for one to manage. Going 51:50 speaking Spanglish. Aste a un lado estoy pesado. Vivo la vida

Текст песни Ice Cube - Can You Bounc
Baby baby can you bouce to this (can you bounce) Fuck around and smoke an ounce to this (blaze one) Turn it up, we can clown to this Throw your

Текст песни Ice Cube - Bop Gun
[ah yaaaaaa, di-dit-dit-dit-dit] [ah yaaaaaa, di-dit-dit-dit-dit] [ah yaaaaaa, di-dit-dit-dit-dit] [ah yaaaaaa, di-dit-dit-dit-dit] Well all right!

Текст песни Ice Cube - Black Korea
That make a nigga made enough to cause a little ruckus Thinkin every brother in the world’s out to take So they watch every damn move that I make

Текст песни Ice Cube - Back From Hell
To catch a little butt from a inmate's head So sorry for you sucker, see ya, sissy, you're dead Another rolled-over casket, tisket, a tasket This

Текст песни Ice Cube - Ask About Me
Prescription pills to keep me calm, Nigga, I'm da bomb! In the black Testerosa, Sippin' on Mimosa, A bleedin' ?nosa? I'm in the West, we ain't

Текст песни Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted
Ice Cube has got the 4-1-1 All the ol' school house fellows are crooks So I get jealous looks They keep thinkin did my hair grow? Will the boys 'n'

Текст песни Ice Cube - Alive On Arrival
But why a motherfucker like me had to fall down Not known why I dropped out Fuck it, still can’t afford to get popped out So now I gotta jet Only ran

Текст песни Ice Cube - A Gangstas Fairytale
About a punk-ass nigga I knew Named Jack, he wasn't that nimble, wasn't that quick Jumped over the candlestick and burnt his dick Ran up the street

Текст песни Ice Cube - A Bird In The Hand
But welcome to mcdonalds can I take your order please Gotta sell ya food that might give you cancer Cuz my baby doesn’t take no for an answer Now I

Текст песни Ice Cube - 24 Wit An L
Just broken glass fucking up my jordans Twice upon the time in the projects I done got jacked for my rolex But I keep going, let it pass Cause the

Текст песни Ice Cube - 24 MC Hours
Niggas peel your cap for a happy meal I got to deal with this ball of confusion, world of illusions We ain’t losin’ playa (never), weez winnin’

Однажды все сгинет, зачахнет, остынет. Деньги лишь ступень по дороге вверх, - и вниз лететь. Всё, о чём мечтал - мираж над пустыней. Бабки, чтобы брать и тратить, черт с ними. Я понимаю деньги лишь теперь, Но с ними дольше века длится день.
Без сомнений! Я бегу за тобой сквозь все запреты. Будешь ждать на берегу, Приду к тебе я лунным светом. Мы с разных полюсов, это едва заметно. Ты дикий пожар, я стихия ветра. Счастье любит тишину, мы не зря молчали. Нашли свою любовь, вопреки печали.
Чем занят противный этот мир без нас, Пока мы тихо существуем в мире серых масс? Диалоги с отражением, истории для кухни С продолжением длиною в бесконечный ад.
Увы, мои стихи не пишет старина Берилл, И с клира их народу не прочтет Патриарх Кирилл. И Саша Пушкин, в поэзии - мерило из мерил, Не сможет оценить мой слог, real или не real. Покажи им сестра!
Спой мне раггатон, сеньорита. Прошлая моя любовь вся забыта. Теперь моё сердце - дом твой. Храни там: Тепло и верность, мне дари нежность!
Я недавно тут крутил роман, но мы не будем вместе. (Никогда) У меня не бывает депрессий, но я гасился месяц. Я и есть любовь. Режу страхи, как маньяков Dexter. Как открытки манят в детстве. (От души)