Текст песни Underoath - Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home
I'm afraid no ones listening anymore I'm freaking out I'm so sick I'm making me sick Don't look down The only thing in my way is myself I'm just

Текст песни Underoath - A Moment Suspended In Time
Under my desk this can't be it I'm only dreaming, I've got to be dreaming But I can't get up. No time to talk, not this time, this is my place This

Текст песни Underoath - Walking Away
Tripping over myself, falling, scraping my knee... Sadness fills, for I know I've failed Why did I leave scared to go back? Hoping you'll take me in

Текст песни Underoath - The Last
The light that shined has vanished to a grayscale of night. Tears once present, now look into the dryness inside.

Текст песни Underoath - Cries Of The Past
Joy and laughter exchanged for grief, and silence. Searching for so long to find you, And the moment I did, you were ripped from me... Laying here on

Текст песни Underoath - And I Dreamt Of You
The numbing dreams never end, The swallows wings still amongst the idle wind. My colored wold turns to grayscale, Recollecting the memories; Eyes

Текст песни Underoath - Spirit Of A Living God
any other way that I can imagine, or be spoken. Just the way everything worked out tonight was just beautiful. I just pray for each and every one of

I"m not here to accept their sings but I"m here to show them love within Listen to him speak so holy, Father God I"m saved That"s all that really

Текст песни Underoath - Burden In Your Hand
So they take your life before your first breath When will it stop, the killings continue Babies die everyday because of a pro choice made Helpless

Текст песни Underoath - Act Of Depression
No one was to know what was happening in me I felt no love, I felt no reason to carry on with my life Everything was wrong, nothing was right, at

Текст песни Underoath - A Love So Pure
With your grace, take away the hurt and the bruises inside, reach down let your glory reside The cross carried for all of us, paint the image in my

Текст песни Vanessa Williams - Let's Love
I've only known you for a moment But I love you so desperately boy If it wasn't the things people say now

Текст песни Vanessa Williams - I'll Be Good To You
I would hate to break up, break up my happy home The way we stand and the way we lie The way we love and the way we cry Of all these things, there

Текст песни Vanessa Williams - I'll Be Good To You
I would hate to break up, break up my happy home The way we stand and the way we lie The way we love and the way we cry Of all these things, there

Текст песни Vanessa Williams - Everlasting Love
I wanna give to you an everlasting love I wanna fill your life with a satisfying love All you need is an everlasting love All you want is a

Текст песни Maroon 5 - I Shall Be Released
[thumb]http://melap.ru/uploads/posts/2017-02/1487188383_maroon_5_band_members_look_sign_2346_1920x1080.jpg[/thumb They say ev’ry man must fall Yet I

Текст песни Maroon 5 - Hold on
I don't mind falling in the waters, no-one ever notices me, now play under the waves x2

Текст песни Maroon 5 - Highway To Hell
No stop signs, speedin' limit Nobody's gonna slow me down Like a wheel, gonna spin it Nobody's gonna mess me 'round Hey Satan! Paid my dues Playin'

Текст песни Maroon 5 - Funky
Funky, oh that's the word, But Jane, do you really care how funky styles of your could be? Can you just see me lone-ly? Funky is the word you could

Текст песни Maroon 5 - Cold (feat. Future)
Asking me for space here in my house You know how to fuck with me Acting like we're not together After everything that we've been through Sleeping up

Текст песни Maroon 5 - As Things Collide
where are you goin and i said i dont know does the lonliness show and if so does it ever end? and ive spoken with all other the angels and they dont

Ревность, танец огня обжигает меня И сгорает, любовь, что ты делаешь с нами. Ревность, танец огня, ты ведь любишь меня, И зачем же она снова между нами.
Смотри, за окном меняется мир Чувства не заменишь другим Ты перешагнул ту черту для нас Но я, я на все закрыла глаза Сердцем больно лишь небеса Это был соблазн на двоих, отпусти
Делим пополам Все удачи и печали Для любви преград на свете нет Бесконечности пределы Растворяюсь во вселенной Отрывают от земли меня Мгновенно
Немного денег, на кармане, И мы с друзьями, зажигаем в баре. Куплю билеты я, и очень скоро. Украду тебя на Бора Бора.