Текст песни FASHAWN - Champion

Текст песни FASHAWN - Champion
If you wanna know
I'm the one you and your man should fear
Bring the champ' out, the Champ is here
My momma should have named me Victor
Cause victory's all I see
When I look in the mirror, couldn't be clearer
Ah, all this beauty, youngest to do it
Life's with the champ, like Ten Bradley
Heavy weight class, like I'm heavy, I'll be ready
You runners ain;t even common deli
Follow the neli, my auto garage in the Vi swallow the pelvi
Here's a toast to livin' yound and wealthy
For the record, I neva lost, gotta respect the Gods
I'm dealin' bars like a deck of cards, chopa

I neva loose and I neva compete
Either small, knock you offa yo feet
Boy, I'm a champion (What?)
A champion (What?)
If I can't do it, then it can't be done
I got the heart of a fighter, I can conquer any gun
Plus, I know my way around the ring
Boy, I'm a champion (What?)
A champion (What?)
If I can't do it, then it can't be done

This here's simple and plain
Put the pen to the page
In the winter I train, scribblin' sickness is a soft sayin'
Hundid mouths, like I'm joggin' at cross range
Rollie shout! Or better yet a king, as I'm headin' to the scene
Throw respect, I say hello to my chevy red bean
Like bling, like PD wanna sing
Me and my Valentine, all admission for queen
My right hook nice but the left one make it mean
I bring 'em to his knees, smth you've never seen
In the circle of winners they neva mention you
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