Текст песни Eminem - By My Side

Текст песни Eminem - By My Side
[Intro: Eminem]
OHH! Stat Quo! Here we go!
C'mon, c'mon! You ready? (heh)
Let's do it man (uh uh uh uh-uhh)
Shady Aftermath

{Sound, without Focus, is just noise}

[Stat Quo] + (Eminem)
Yeah (where you get that thang man) {By my side}
When you do somethin to somebody umm {By my side}
It ain't just you it's somebody next to you {By my side}
Youknow'mtalkinbout and I got my shit right here with me {By my side}
(There isn't everywhere you go that it's) {By my side}
(Okay) So being that that's the case {By my side}
Let me tell you about {By my side}
That place, heh, take you by my side {By my side}

[Stat Quo]
The way I growed up, sho' nuff, chips on my shoulder
Knew about that cola when I was in a stroller
But came ahold of choppin them boulders gettin older
Wantin a Rover, ducked in them rows meetin quotas
Shorty bipolar, load her by cock I tried to told ya
When movin the wrong direction ain't no flesh and then it's over
You on that doja, G.I. Joe shit but you ain't a soldier
Chopper or fold ya, you not cobra commander, you bozo
I'm the composer, writer of murder, the odor
leakin out of your body, temperature is gettin colder
But you sweatin and dizzy like a person who ain't sober
Realizin your life is comin quickly to a closure
Losin composure, out of breath like you underwater
Twenty seconds in the game, and it's the fourth quarter
Primetime, "Dateline" are the best exposure
Now you're still, on the news and everybody knows ya
Yeahhhh, YEA!

By, my, side
To all the niggaz tryin to get me it's by my side
I'm takin some of y'all with me it's by my side
I'm makin sure they won't forget me it's by my side
To all the niggaz tryin to get me it's by my side
I'm takin some of y'all with me it's by my side
I'm makin sure they don't forget me it's by my side
Ye-yeah ye-yeah ye-yeahhhh; by my side (ooh)

[Stat Quo]
Go now boy, get your vest, protect yo' neck, kill for fun
Watch how they run and scatter when I go and pull out my gun (gun)
Call me ignorant and young, psycho sicko negro
They know that I just fuck and be gone (gone)
Drivin crazy halfway dumb
Don't stop even when the law come, believe every word out my lungs
I'm losin it, snappin huh, this ain't just no rappin uh
Back all the way back when you see that strap cause it go dada-da-da
Are you ready to die tell me why you choose to tell me in my
face, have your body dry, pack that fire, look in my eye
Have your spirit below me or floatin in the fuckin sky
All black is my attire, lookin like a umpire
Toss you in the trash like a bullshit, out fly
Yeah yeah ye-yeah ye-yeahhhh, YEA!


[Stat Quo]
The murder capital mo' mayhem, yes it's thriller
Put four in your head, have you floatin off in a river
It's cold, you shook, we crooks, your body'll quiver
These rappers so tough but really they softer than pillows
Or chinchilla or Twinkie filler, hone of a realer
They turn to serial assassins for some scrilla
Now me could see I mean him, yes this nigga
Stays true to what I do cause I keeps it realer
Be for real, have you ever ever pulled a trigger?
It's serious business shorty, nothin is more iller
No discrimination, you could be chocolate or vanilla
And find yourself in the presence of a fuckin killer
Oh, oh, oh, oh yeahhhh, YEA!


By my side, by my side {*blam*}

It's "The Re-Up" {*echoes*}
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