Текст песни Скриптонит - Blood Of My Blood (feat. Tricky)
And I can run away I always be here Even when I’m long gone You and me strong In my everyday You know every way Take care of yourself Cause it’s good

Текст песни Eminem - 313 (feat. Eye Kyu)
Eye-Kyu: Now what you know about a sweet MC, from the 313 None of these skills you bout to see come free So you wanna be the sweet MC, you gotta

Текст песни Eminem - 3 Questions
(chorus)that's part of my story, if you wanna be firm brit'll put it down your pants, yea the earthworm don't wanna be sorry, don't eat the bad germ

Текст песни Silva Hakobyan - Gisher E
Sirel eeemm Ko siruc harpac Chem nkatel, Vor urishne kez gerel Vor urishne kez tirel Urishines du sirel

Текст песни A-Ha - Cry Wolf
You can start, but you cannot stop You give in, but you can't give up You can tell all your desperate jokes To a world that puts your Love on hold

Текст песни Нурлан Онербаев - Анашым
Анашым, шалкып келсен, Алдымда узак журсен – Журегім жыр толгайды, Конілім ортаймайды. Анасы бар адамдар Ешкашан картаймайды.

Текст песни S Club 7 - Cross My Heart
Cross my heart and tell no lies No one's leaving you behind Just because we said goodbye, baby Cross my heart I do believe In my thoughts and in my

Текст песни S Club 7 - Bring The House Down
With a sleepy head (Doing nothing). You can always try, Just to walk on by (It will pull you in). We're flying away, We fall into this fantasy Where

Текст песни Naglfar - Failing Wings
Never to be found is the key to purgatory I felt the winds of death and it's fury They approached from the halls of

Текст песни Naglfar - Abysmal Descent
Encircled by shadows as I descend Portrayed in the most twisted of forms Their vision are mine as they tear at my soul Still my fate lies further

Текст песни Naglfar - 12th Rising
of the horizon never seen by the eyes of man Awakened by the twilight's kiss The nightly rebirth of evil The paleness ITself has risen From IT's

Текст песни Underoath - The Created Void
Was it just a dream Or something much more We are not alone Since you agreed to follow It's all in my head, if you want, you can look inside There's

Текст песни Underoath - Coming Down Is Calming Down
God make it stop, I can't make it stop This place is getting smaller Everything in your darkest thoughts about me might be true I hear the words you

Текст песни Underoath - Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home
I'm afraid no ones listening anymore I'm freaking out I'm so sick I'm making me sick Don't look down The only thing in my way is myself I'm just

Текст песни Underoath - A Moment Suspended In Time
Under my desk this can't be it I'm only dreaming, I've got to be dreaming But I can't get up. No time to talk, not this time, this is my place This

Текст песни Underoath - Walking Away
Tripping over myself, falling, scraping my knee... Sadness fills, for I know I've failed Why did I leave scared to go back? Hoping you'll take me in

Текст песни Underoath - The Last
The light that shined has vanished to a grayscale of night. Tears once present, now look into the dryness inside.

Текст песни Underoath - Cries Of The Past
Joy and laughter exchanged for grief, and silence. Searching for so long to find you, And the moment I did, you were ripped from me... Laying here on

Текст песни Underoath - And I Dreamt Of You
The numbing dreams never end, The swallows wings still amongst the idle wind. My colored wold turns to grayscale, Recollecting the memories; Eyes

Текст песни Underoath - Spirit Of A Living God
any other way that I can imagine, or be spoken. Just the way everything worked out tonight was just beautiful. I just pray for each and every one of

I"m not here to accept their sings but I"m here to show them love within Listen to him speak so holy, Father God I"m saved That"s all that really

Я буду петь на всех экранах томно Сколько знаю тебя Смело в песне не застремаюсь назвать ангела сучкой, любя Буря осуждений, я под их открытым огнём Разве это стрельба? Без цветов и гитары качаю под твоим открытым окном И это судьба Я близко, как-никак Диалог на касаниях рук и
Я уже вполне давно замечаю, Что им проще завидовать, чем расцветать. Я уже вполне давно не сплю, Давно не сплю и тебе спать не советую. Не то я просто уведу твою тёлку, И она будет танцевать мне.
Сердце, словно хрупкое стекло. Ты пожалуйста его убереги. Чтобы с нами не произошло. От меня не беги. Соединились наши орбиты. Мы видим мир, которого нет. Что к тебе тянет, будто магнитом. Это давно уже не секрет.
С работы на работу, из робы в робу. По улице курсируют обдолбанные роботы. Затюканные ботаны и гопники с копами. Спортики, колдыри, работники и лодыри. Все продали, все припили, гори все пропадом, концы в прорубь. Работать на работу, работать на аптеку. Каждую копейку на кредит,
А когда на танцполе девчушки-пампушки. Кричат, визжат, пищат на полную катушку А когда на танцполе девчушки-кайфушки. Твои глазюшки такие печенюшки. OK! Let’s go! А когда на танцполе девчушки-пампушки. Кричат, визжат, пищат на полную катушку
And I can run away I always be here Even when I’m long gone You and me strong In my everyday You know every way Take care of yourself Cause it’s good for my health You move in the stars How lucky we are You move in the stars How lucky we are And I’m glad you agree How it feels